La Jolie Ronde



Our children's classes are taught using the award winning methodology from La Jolie Ronde.  Forget all those memories of learning verbs by rote or writing out lists of nouns!  these classes are packed full of games, songs, and movement.  

The relaxed, fun atmosphere of the classes belie the amount of thought and planning which goes into every lesson.   Learning can continue at home with the supporting books and CDs which are available to all children.

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"I like doing French because it is always so much fun and I learn lots of new things in French"

Ava, age 5.
(recreating a song she learnt in pre-school about un petit singe et 5 chausettes - a little monkey and 5 socks)

For more information on the La Jolie Ronde course and methodology, please have a look at their website: