Speaque French and Spanish Afterschool

We are now able to offer after school classes in both French and Spanish.  These classes are open to children from any school.  Many children continue learning with us after starting to Speaque French or Spanish at nursery school, however the classes are also perfect for complete beginners!  Get in touch to find out more!

Beatrice, Age 7, Speaque French Afterschool.
Beatrice is sat in the French speaking booth - you forget all your English as soon as you sit in it!


Speaque French Afterschool
Bradway Primary School, S17
Teacher: Dominique Crookes


Years 1&2     4pm - 4.30pm

Years 3-6       4.40pm - 5.10pm

Speaque Spanish Afterschool
Church of the Nazarene, Heeley, S2
Teacher: Xiomara Garzon


Foundation, Y1 &2      4pm - 4.30pm

Years 3-6                     4.30pm - 5pm